Shades Feature Request

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Shortcut allowing to immediately move brightness to min/max

  • Status: Open


First: thanks for Shades! I believe it is a great little tool and makes working on the computer much more fun.

As a useful additional feature, I could imagine well being able tto create a shortcut that turns light immediately and totally on or off.

So if that's possible - great

Submitted at 6:51pm on 12 Feb 2008


The enable/disable hotkey almost does this - if you set the brightness to zero then enable/disable will effectively swap between on and off.


Be able to set a maximum. The emergency brightness control is a keystroke I use often, but I would like to have an extra preset. Max. is often just too bright. Readjusting the monitor is too much asked for that because it varies.

Posted by Jo! at 07:14am on 19 Oct 2011


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