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Shade as a screensaver

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Back in the old days of Mac OS 9 there was a screensaver that was the best screensaver to me, and it did one simple thing: dimm the screen to a predefined value.

It did two essential things:
- save my display
- don't distract me

This is exactly what Shade does, but not automaticlly after a given time.

Is there any possibility to optionally use Shades as a screensaver? That would make a dream come true.

Submitted by Frank at 12:21pm on 22 Nov 2007


Oh, I have to add: I wasn't suggesting a real screensaver, because, as I understand it, a Mac OS X screensaver isn't allowed to show the live screen, only a screenshot like in Retro at the most. But I want to see what's going on at my screen.

Just one or two options in Shade:
- activate after a given time of unactivity like a ss
- and perhaps an option or as default on: deactivate on mouse movement or any input, like a ss

Posted by Frank at 2:04pm on 22 Nov 2007

This would also be perfect for me. Actually this is the reason that I installed Shades. There is no need to have 80Watts of display when I'm not actually using the computer but it's rather annoying when the screen goes blank after a couple of minutes of inactivity, especially because it takes a while before my main display (Dell U3011) lights up again.

Implementing a way to control shades through Applescript or the shell is also a sufficient solution for me. That way I can use another tool to handle the timing part of this feature request.

Posted by BartVB at 08:34am on 15 May 2014


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