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Second the motion on fonts, but also . . .

  • Status: Already Implemented in version 1.0.8


Glad to hear you're working on making font configurable. My goal would be to be able to match the look of the standard menu bar. That means I'd like it to be possible for the text to be in upper and lower case rather than all caps.

Aside from that, let me just thank you for MagiCal, an app that provides real utility without excessive frills.

Submitted by Moshe Feder at 2:21pm on 25 Mar 2007


I believe this is already implemented.

As of version 1.0.8 you can specify case to be whatever you like in the date format. For example, if you want "MONDAY" use "WEEKDAY", if you want "Monday" use "Weekday", and if you want "monday" use "weekday" in the font format string. The same goes for month names, am/pm and the fuzzy clock.

I'll try to add some documentation for all the possible options at some point.

Posted by Nick at 5:03pm on 25 Mar 2007

I blush to admit that I hadn't noticed this now obvious case distinction in the list of options, but, even with it, I can't produce the effect that I want.

I can come closest with the Text checkbox (to the left of date's Format pulldown) unchecked, which leaves me with the day of the week abbreviated as I prefer (and the date shown only in the cute calendar icon), but this option gives the abbreviated day name in all caps, e.g., "SUN." I can't see any way to get "Sun" instead.

Posted by Moshe Feder at 6:32pm on 25 Mar 2007

I take it that you are aware that you can type your own date and time formats into the drop-down list?

If you give me an example of exactly how you would like your date and time to be formatted, I'll tell you the format you need to achieve it.

Posted by Nick at 7:15pm on 25 Mar 2007

Aha! (Clearly, I should've read the FAQ before posting here. But maybe others will now learn from my example.)

So, mission accomplished. Once I knew that I could type in my own format, I got it in one.

Thanks, Nick, for being so patient.

Posted by Moshe Feder at 11:23pm on 25 Mar 2007

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