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Make current day stand out on drop-down calendar pane

  • Status: Already Implemented in version 1.1a1


The drop-down calendar could highlight the current day using a higher contrast feature than just setting the font to a different color.

Currently the only contrast is to make the font color red; instead, the background of the square that defines the white space around the day could be set to a relatively more contrasting color, e.g., light blue as opposed to white, in order to give a better 'spatial' location of the day relative to the month.

This should improve the time it takes to locate (or zoom in on) the current day of the month; currently one has to a) remember today's date or b) look it up again on the toolbar.

It could prove beneficial particularly when one is sitting somewhat far from the monitor (say, the length of the keyboard cable, or more if it's wireless), or using a smaller display, or on very low levels of brightness, or if one has any form of color perception or eyesight deficiency.

(Version 1.09r4, as I am not very comfortable with alpha versions.)

Submitted by Mauro Mello Jr. at 09:33am on 06 Jul 2007


This has already been implemented, exactly as you suggest, in the alpha version. Currently there are some issues with the new calendar, so you may prefer not to use it, but I hope to have this sorted out soon.

Posted by Nick at 08:36am on 07 Jul 2007

Looking forward to the golden master of the new version!


Posted by Mauro Mello Jr. at 09:24am on 07 Jul 2007

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