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Calendar view for a whole year!!

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Hi folks,

Nice gadget this MagiCal. I would like to see an additional option included to view the whole calendar year in order to avoid scrolling through the months.



Submitted by Peter von L. at 10:11am on 23 Apr 2007


The whole year at once?! Wouldn't that fill most of the screen?

I'm not opposed to the idea exactly, but I can't see how to do it in a way that wouldn't look ridiculous. Maybe an option to show the whole year as a separate window might be more appropriate? How does that sound?

Posted by Nick at 10:49pm on 03 May 2007

I agree that it would be great if there was a 12 month calendar
in MagiCal. You might think it would be ridiculous looking and take up the whole screen - but a lot of us would love to have a full screen full year calendar that we could pop up, look at, and close. Open iCal and try and get a full year calender view.

Posted by Bob Christopher at 04:24am on 07 Mar 2010


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