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Ambient Light Sensor

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Some macs as my iMac have an Ambient Light Sensor.

Would be great if you can use it to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

Is it possible?

Submitted by Luciano at 6:27pm on 10 Nov 2007


Or, at least pre programmable time of day (dimmer at night, brighter in the day)

Posted by David at 06:53am on 02 Dec 2007

The bummer about using the otherwise fine Dell external displays is they don\'t respond to ambient light like my MacBook Pro does. Shades helps... but I have to manually adjust brightness from day to night. That, or move into a windowless room :)

Posted at 8:26pm on 30 Dec 2007

Hi, I have too a MacBook Pro using an external 30" display.
As said, external displays don't respond to ambient light while the MacBook internal screen does. Annoying when using two monitors.

You may find info here to implement this:

Posted by Gabriel ROUSSEAU at 1:57pm on 16 May 2008

I use my mac in my audio room as a front end, it would be nice when i dim the lights that the display would dim according to a USB photo sensor or some sort of built in one if it has it (have the anodized aluminum 24" imac.)

Posted at 8:15pm on 24 Sep 2008

Hello? It looks like this has been a request forever and no comment by any dev team.

Posted by pete at 7:31pm on 05 Oct 2008

I've not currently found a way to access the built-in light sensor to adjust Shades. I am planning to add timing, or a scripting feature that would allow such features to be added, but I don't have a time estimate yet.

Posted by Nick at 7:34pm on 05 Oct 2008


Thanks. There's a link above from Gabriel showing how someone accessed the light sensor built in (not sure if thats what you were referring to...)

I'm not sure if every mac has this sensor or not, I know the older iMac did, and it's only purpose was to make the "pulsing sleep light" dimmer. I have the Aluminum iMac 24".

Posted by Pete at 04:49am on 06 Oct 2008

Just wanting to add that I'm dying for this feature too- or at least a scheduling system that will allow me to turn on or off shades according to sunset or a scheduled time.

Or have shades turn off automatically when lightroom is forefront etc...

Posted by David at 9:57pm on 15 Oct 2008

I agree, I would love to be able to schedule the brightness settings. The room with my iMac in changes light levels dramatically over the course of the day and I find myself re-adjusting every few hours... call me lazy but I would really appreciate not having to do that to get the most out of my screen!

Posted by Adam at 12:54pm on 16 Feb 2009

That would be a great feature. ahh, and also being able to control monitors differently as my macbook pro's built-in brightness control is fine for the mbp-s display, so I would only control the brightness on my external monitor.

Posted by Dave at 09:17am on 16 Apr 2009

Perhaps you could hook it in to the webcam and monitor brightness from there?

Posted by Henry Williams at 05:17am on 28 Apr 2009

Flux must be disabled otherwise the screen color or tint pulsates. Really like Flux auto ambient light feature but I'll try Shades for a while.

Posted by Roger at 12:51pm on 05 Jun 2010


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