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64-bit support! And lower memory usage =]

Submitted by Phillip at 01:13am on 26 Sep 2009


Well you just can't please some people! First you want it not to freeze or crash, and now you want me to rewrite the whole thing in Cocoa, just because all the cool kids are doing it. Well fine then, have it your way!


Posted by Nick at 01:51am on 26 Sep 2009

Of course this request comes with love Nick! haha. We all love your program, and want it to be continually used in future versions and to be stable and optimized, and im sure you can be proud that you have a following of users who love your program and want to see it grow and become even better. Thank you for all that you do.

Posted by Phillip at 08:00am on 26 Sep 2009

Version 1.1r1 is still unresponsive for me on OS 10.6.1. Clicking on the little i in the Magical window does nothing.

Posted at 7:43pm on 27 Sep 2009

Yes, it would be. That's why you should download 1.1r2, which is compatible with Snow Leopard :-)

Posted by Nick at 10:30pm on 27 Sep 2009


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