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Another date format

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I use the date format "Weekday DD Mon YY", which today, displays as

"Saturday 15 Dec 07".

It would be great to have an option to abbreviate the weekday and use the space instead to show a 4-digit year, as in:

"Sat 15 Dec 2007"

so, a format such as

"Day DD Mon YYYY"


Submitted at 4:29pm on 15 Dec 2007


I take it that you are aware that you can simply type your own format into the drop down field?

It doesn't get added to the list, but since most people only want to use one format, I don't think this is a problem.

Posted by Nick at 4:49pm on 29 Mar 2007

I know that I can type my own format in, but it doesn't add my format to the list. If I or someone else changes it, I have to put it back in manually instead of choosing my saved format from the edited list.

Posted by Eric at 1:02pm on 30 Mar 2007

Just a suggestion. I'm no programmer myself so this may not be feasible but would it make it easier to permanently add date and time formats to the list if the program read them from a text file stored within the application bundle instead of hard coding them into the application?

That way, tech savvy users could add their own and those that are not comfortable could wait until you add them to the file.

Posted by Eric at 1:02pm on 30 Mar 2007

I must admit that I can't see this scenario occurring for many users, but it's a reasonable request and shouldn't be too hard to implement, so I'll add it to the todo list.

Posted by Nick at 1:47pm on 01 Apr 2007

You can use custom formats, just type the format you want into the dropdown field.

A complete list of all supported format options can be found on this page:

Posted by Nick at 4:34pm on 15 Dec 2007

it would be nice to see the date displayed as below:


Thank you

Posted at 11:00am on 14 Jun 2008

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