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Make transparency only an option

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I have a hard time looking at dates when the transparency makes them hard to read. How about a preference to make the background opaque?

Great app! Love it. Most of the functionality of Menucalendarclock, but without the annoying nagware!

You rock!!

Submitted at 02:51am on 17 Oct 2007


Are you referring to the transparency of the calendar window background, or the menu bar clock/date display?

Posted by Nick at 08:00am on 17 Oct 2007

Sorry, should have been more specific. I was referring to the calendar window background. I have some drives and some other files that are located right behind that window and it makes for a hard time on the eyes to read the dates.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

Posted at 02:06am on 18 Oct 2007

Okay, I see what you mean. I'll add a preference to disable the transparency.

Posted by Nick at 06:25am on 18 Oct 2007

You rock!

Posted at 10:32pm on 18 Oct 2007

Well, yes, I like to think so ;-)

Posted by Nick at 11:59pm on 19 Oct 2007

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