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New format for date

  • Status: Already Implemented in version 1.0



Since the calendar icon displays the day, I'd like a date format with only month and year. That way if the little calendar show 18, it can be followed by text saying Dec 08.


Submitted at 6:07pm on 18 Dec 2008


You can type your own date formats into the dropdown box - you aren't restricted to the list provided.

Posted by Nick at 7:14pm on 18 Dec 2008

When setting the format that the date appearce in the menu bar, I'd like to have a complete costumisable format. Currently there is no option to set MM/DD/YYYY but in some countries that is the most commonly used format. And when using the format Weekday Dth Mon I'd like it to appeare in my native language.

Posted at 8:15pm on 20 Jan 2009

In digital time format options, I would very much like to see:

Day-of-week H:MM:SS P.M.


Posted by Al Shultz at 01:45am on 31 Mar 2010

The dropdown list of options is just by way of suggestion/example - you can type any format you like into the box - a full list of formatting options can be found on the MagiCal web page. You probably want

Weekday H:MM:SS P.M.

Posted by Nick at 10:19pm on 31 Mar 2010

That is really cool! You guys are great!

Posted by Al Shultz at 01:24am on 01 Apr 2010

I also would like some additional date and time formats, or better yet, the ability to create custom formats. I very much like the application so far, and love that it is free! Here are some date and time formats that I would like (and I may post these in a separate request):

H:MMam Weekday
H:MM AM Weekday
H:MM Weekday

Weekday Month Dth
Month Dth
DAY Month DD

The above reflecting the ability to have some of these options:

7:02am Wednesday April 21st
7:02am Wednesday April 21
7:02am Wed April 21
7:02am Wed Apr 21
7:02am Wed 4/21
7:02 Wed 4/21
7:02 AM Wed 4/21
Wed 4/21/10 7:02am
Wed 4/21/10 7:02 AM

Your list could get very long in trying to accommodate all the different preferences, so if there is a way to make it user customizable, I agree that would be best!

Posted by Maggie at 4:00pm on 18 Apr 2010

That's AWESOME! I didn't realize you could type in any format!! THANK YOU!!!

Posted at 4:04pm on 18 Apr 2010

Never Mind!! I just found on another post how you can type your own format in directly! It IS completely customizable - that is so AWESOME!! THANK YOU!! I love this app. I had iClock before and got tired of all the excess stuff and finally ditched it to look for a better option, and MagiCal definitely is it!

Posted by Maggie at 4:07pm on 18 Apr 2010

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