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Global Hokey to activate/show calander

  • Status: Open


A customizable global hotkey option to allow user quickly pull down the tear-off calander would be very useful.

Submitted at 06:19am on 23 Apr 2007


Great idea

Posted by scameron728 at 9:16pm on 23 Apr 2007

To clarify, would you want the hotkey to just show and hide the calendar, or are you suggesting that it should actually tear a calendar off as well?

Posted by Nick at 09:44am on 03 May 2007

A keyboard short to simply show the calendar in the menubar would be excellent; best would be a user-settable shortcut. The user can decide whether to tear the calendar off or not.

Thank you!

Posted by Steve Samuels at 11:37am on 26 Sep 2009

I just came your application. It's beautiful, with a much more readable calendar than MenuCalendarClock iCal. However that app has a hotkey, which is the only reason that I'll continue to use it instead of yours.


Posted by Frank Hampel at 11:52am on 26 Sep 2009


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