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Please highlight US holidays

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It sure would be helpful if I could immediately see when a holiday (like Mother's Day for example) was coming up, so I could know how much time was left to procrastinate.


Submitted by Ed at 5:16pm on 02 May 2008


Uh, I guess it would be OK to highlight UK holidays too. :)

Posted by Ed at 5:18pm on 02 May 2008

I want to be able highlight birthdays as well.

Posted by Ryan at 03:44am on 19 Jan 2009

If you go down this road then it starts to become a full blown calendar app, and you'd have to add annotations to show which highlight meant what. Bank Holidays would be a useful addition, but then you need to produce a file for each country. But that's it - no further. No Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, St George's Day, or anything else.

Posted by Paul Farmer at 11:30am on 28 Feb 2009


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