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begin week with any chosen day

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While it's great that MagiCal can be set to start the week with either Sunday or Monday, I work for the Postal Service and their week starts on a Saturday. Everything they do is based on such a week. As a result, it really helps me to have a calendar that can start on a Saturday when scheduling personal and job related activities because having to jump between both kinds of calendars is confusing.

I would imagine other folks might have a need for any other day to start a week so it might just be best to allow the user to set any day of the week as the beginning. This way, everybody's happy and you won't have to continuously write more code to accommodate each new request for a different day.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide input.

Submitted by Andy White at 06:36am on 25 Apr 2008


I work in a cinema. The work week in theatres starts on Friday. So I too would like the option to start the week on any day of the week.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to comment on this request

Posted by Tony Wight at 5:52pm on 16 Aug 2010


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