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Jump to specific month/year

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.0.7


I just tried MagiCal and really like it.

I did have a request. Is it possible to add a feature that allows you to select a month or year to jump ahead or back quickly, maybe with button or drop down window at the bottom of the calendar when accessed.


Submitted by Steve at 8:03pm on 06 Jan 2007


This has been implemented in version 1.0.7. If you click on the month or year in the calendar it will display a drop-down list of options.

Posted by Nick at 3:49pm on 26 Mar 2007

The drop-down lists are not set to the current month and year, but simply start at January 1907. Kind of quirky and I expect most folks will be looking a year +/-, rarely back 100.

Posted at 8:19pm on 29 Mar 2007

I love Magi Cal and been using it for years.

I would like to see it support dates in BC if possible.
Also, when entering older dates, 1123 for example, does it make an adjustment for the Julian Calendar?


Posted at 8:11pm on 14 May 2010

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