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Disable brightness adjustment overlay

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Hi there,

I love this app, thank you so much for making it. It solves a very real need for me and if I can get the full setup to work I would be happy to chip in some beer money (I'm a web developer so I try to appreciate other software makers).

I would love to disable the screen overlay that lets you adjust the brightness - the OSX menu bar icon / adjustment is fine for me and if I could hide the other one that would be great.

Also, as a side note, I would love to be able to adjust the brightness setting with applescript. Is that currently possible? I'm trying to write a script that dims up/down the brightness slowly.

Thanks so much again!

Luke C.

Submitted by Luke Connolly at 05:49am on 29 Nov 2016


Nevermind! Got the overlay to disappear finally (restart did it). Would still love the applescript info though!

Posted by Luke at 05:52am on 29 Nov 2016


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