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Match keyboard command

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My Dell monitor will not recognize the keyboard's built-in commands for brighten and darken, the non-function-key functions of F1 and F2. Shades would provide a useful workaround but it will only recognize the function-key functions of F1 and F2. It would be lovely to ahve Shades work with F1 and F2 without the fn key?

Submitted at 7:05pm on 26 Sep 2009


Unfortunately the Mac doesn't let you intercept those keystrokes unless you check the "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" option in the Keyboard panel in System Preferences (the wording is different on OS versions other than Snow Leopard, but the option is there).

Of course if you do that, you'll have to hold fn down to set the volume, or access expose etc.

Posted by Nick at 12:00am on 27 Sep 2009

On the on hand it seems that the Mac can let you do since the preference pane FunctionFlip does exactly that. On the other hand, since FunctionFlip does that, it fills the function. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply, not to mention the product

Posted at 12:26am on 29 Sep 2009

iMacs have very bright screens so there is a good use for Shades in that it allows you to go way darker than the built-in brighten/darken keys.

It would be nice to have the ability to \"extend\" the range of operation of the built-in keys so that one doesn\'t have to worry about which keys to press. One would still use the built-in brighten/darken keys, but Shades would \"kick in\" toward the bottom range to go darker than normally possible.

Any thoughts if this is feasible?

Posted by Ladislav Snizek at 7:06pm on 19 Oct 2009

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