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Support menu bar positioning

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.1a1


Support the standard %-click-and-drag method for positioning menu bar items.

Submitted by Steve Wehba at 11:13pm on 27 Mar 2007


There are actually two types of menu bar item; "status items" and "menu extras". MagiCal uses the former, as do most 3rd party programs because this is what Apple recommends.

Apple doesn't currently support command-drag for status items, and they do not provide the means for 3rd party developers to make menu extras.

While it is possible to create menu extras using reverse-engineered APIs, it requires the end user to install the menu-enabler haxie from Unsanity to use them, and is potentially dangerous as a bug in one of these items can crash the whole system (they share memory space with the OS kernel).

I have no immediate plans to convert MagiCal to using a menu extra, so the only way that this will happen is if either Apple provides support for command drag in the status item API (which may happen in Leopard), or if I implement this functionality myself somehow.

I'm not ruling this out - I appreciate that it is a highly requested feature, I just thought I should explain why this is difficult to do.

Posted by Nick at 11:13pm on 27 Mar 2007

Just to let you know, I've managed to hack a solution to this which I hope you will find acceptable.

It will allow MagiCal to be dragged to the left or right of the menu bar, and for the individual date and time components to be re-ordered or "popped".

It will not be possible to place MagiCal in between other menu items however, as this would involve interacting with the system in a way that is neither safe, nor supported by Apple.

Posted by Nick at 08:00am on 02 Apr 2007

Any and all work on this app is highly appreciated -- you are, after all, releasing it for free! Where can I download the version with this fix, so I can test it out? (And speaking of which -- does MagiCal support automatic updating?)

Posted at 2:54pm on 02 Apr 2007

It's not been released yet. It will be included in version 1.1 (the current release is 1.0.9r3).

MagiCal does check for updates automatically, though only when it is launched (which is at login or restart for most users).

Posted by Nick at 3:20pm on 02 Apr 2007

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