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Menu extra?

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.1


Thanks for your "Shades" product useful on my iMac 24". Can you tell me if it's difficult to make it as a "Menu Xtra" like the volume control built in te system.

Best regards

Submitted at 2:30pm on 24 Nov 2006


Nice utility. Would be great to be able to hide the dock icon and/or the slider. In fact, what about turning it into a menu bar app. Click on the menu icon and the slider appears. That would be much better than taking up space in the dock.

Posted at 10:10pm on 06 Dec 2006

Thanks for the feedback!

You'll be pleased to hear that both of your suggested features are on the to-do list for the next version.

Posted by Nick at 10:11pm on 06 Dec 2006

Thank you for your enquiry. A new version of Shades is planned for release some time next week and will include menu bar control functionality.

Posted by Nick at 07:04am on 10 Dec 2006

The new version of Shades (1.1) has just been released.

It includes a menu-bar interface, amongst other improvements.

Posted by Nick at 03:57am on 18 Dec 2006

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