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Gradient Shading

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A lot of iMacs come with the bottom part of the screen brighter than the upper part, it would be cool if Shades could correct this hardware problem with an user calibrated gradient that is darker at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you reading and for your amazing program, you have the eternal gratitude of my eyes :)

Submitted by Stefano at 10:12am on 08 Mar 2008


hell yeah, all the imacs are problematic. i think the 24" is the easiest to solve, left side is brighter than the right.

Posted at 2:29pm on 20 Oct 2008

Yes - I would use this feature - the uneven brightness of the iMac 24 screen is very annoying. Just let us overlay a picture file.

Posted by Tony at 07:19am on 13 Dec 2008

Here Here .... gradient is not that huge, but some correcting software would be graet.

Posted by Robert at 09:08am on 16 Mar 2009

that would be perfect!

Posted at 2:55pm on 06 Apr 2009

yes please,

let us choose the different shadows in different places,

my screen is yellow in the botton, so i don't need overall shadow, i need separated shadow for each zone.

Posted at 3:02pm on 29 Nov 2009

gradient to compensate monitor defects.
it would be great

Posted by nicola at 2:35pm on 30 Nov 2009

this issue is two years old,
it would be nice to get some feedback from the developers

otherwise looks like we are waiting forever

Posted by maurizio at 2:13pm on 08 Dec 2009

great idea

Posted by albert at 6:44pm on 15 Dec 2009


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