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Rename subscriptions and select areas to monitor

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I just love this application - love it!

I monitor a lot of news release sites and currently (don't think I) can not rename the site within Subscriber. Many sites being checked dow up in my Subscriptions window as "Welcome" or "Latest News Release."

If there isn't a rename capability would you please consider one?

I don't see much guidance on the criteria changing abilities. Again, I may have missed this - but is it possible to view a page within Subscriber that I am monitoring and either click the area (like a box) that I am interested in changes and/or mark areas I want to ignore?

Thanks no matter what!

Submitted by Jon McClintock at 3:12pm on 24 Aug 2007


Yes, you can rename a web page within Subscriber. Just double-click the name in the Subscriptions pane of the main window and you can edit it. To revert (or update) to the page's own name, select Restore Title from the URL menu.

As for marking the area you are interested in, currently the only way is to use the Regular Expressions criterion feature. (Click the disclosure triangle to the left of a subscription, and then click the 'criterion' field.) We are working on a more graphical way of selecting regions of interest, but we can't yet predict when this will be available.


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