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Hide on screen saver

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.2


The slider and menu extra do not disappear when the screen saver is activated. The menu item isn't clickable, but the slider is slideable during the password prompt. There should be an option to hide the slider and menu item during screen saver, in addition to the fade during mouse inactivity option. Because these items bypass the screen saver, they could cause burn in.

Submitted at 12:49am on 17 Oct 2007


I don't see how they could cause burn-in if you have the hide on mouse inactivity option enabled. Unless you sit there frantically wiggling your mouse while the screensaver is on for some reason... :-)

Still, it's a fair point and this is one of the things that I intend to change in the next release.

Posted by Nick at 07:50am on 17 Oct 2007

The Shades slider no longer appears in front of the screensaver in 1.2b1.

Posted by Nick at 11:59pm on 21 Nov 2007

I am running 1.2b2 and the Shades slider DOES appear in front of my screen saver. Easy solution was to turn it off, which I just found...yea!

Great product on imac

Posted by johnmc at 07:18am on 25 Aug 2008

How do you turn the shades slider off? I only have it when I run a projector but it\'s annoying

Posted by Mark W at 08:06am on 19 Nov 2008


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