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move/reposition on menubar

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In the preferences menu, there are only two options for where magical is displayed on the menubar: to the left, or to the right. is it possible to give the user more control over where magical is placed?

All of apple's default menubar items (clock, airport status, applescript menu, etc) are movable: if you hold down the command key while dragging the item, it repositions. I know this is possible for 3rd party apps as well, because the menumeters application implements this ( is this possible for magical?

Submitted at 5:29pm on 29 Mar 2007


Unfortunately this isn't really possible for MagiCal - there's a detailed explanation here:


Posted by Nick at 8:56pm on 29 Mar 2007

Depending on exactly what functionality you are hoping for, I've made some progress with this. See R509862 for more information.

Posted by Nick at 08:07am on 02 Apr 2007

Thanks! I posted a comment on that thread.

Posted at 2:55pm on 02 Apr 2007

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