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Removal of Slider Control

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Please remove the slider controls as they get distracting, especially when Shades is not in use. Maybe fade it out after 5 seconds when it is in use.



Submitted at 11:14pm on 08 Feb 2010


I assume that you're aware that you can disable the slider control by setting the Slider control dropdown to "None" in the preference panel?

Posted by Nick at 3:33pm on 09 Feb 2010

Missed that. Thanks. One click on/off for all of them would be nice

Posted at 7:25pm on 10 Feb 2010

It is enough to have one slider, the one in the sunglasses at top of the screen. The other one,at boom left is not necessary. It disturbes for instance when I work with Lightroom.

Posted by jan Kw at 09:15am on 20 Mar 2011

only need the top menu slider the other one is so annoying that i have to turn the program off..

Posted at 09:29am on 30 Mar 2011

As explained above, you can disabled the on-screen slider in the Shades preferences panel.

Posted by Nick at 09:34am on 30 Mar 2011

+1 on this, there should be an easy option or pref checkbox to disable this slider...

UPDATE: I did not see the option to disable the slider, but I just did (on the IPS tab) thanks to the comment above and to this bug tracker list... It's a good tool, thanks! Think I'll donate... Especially nice is the fact you can adjust the brightness for an external monitor, which is my case... Can't believe there's no Apple "built in" way to do this.

Posted by Bernie at 2:15pm on 06 Nov 2013

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