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After user switch , color profile gets lost

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b3 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.7
  • Status: Open


to reproduce:
1) on an admin account running shares, create a custom color profile on (Displays system preferences) and select it.
2) switch to another account. it does not matter if this other account uses the same color profile or not. note this other account is not running shades.
3) go back to original account.
color profile is messed up. it appears selected on display preferences but its not doing anything. trying to select other color profiles makes no difference, it just flashes the new color profile for less than a second, and it goes back to some sort of native profile.
This is very noticeable on a Mac that does not have an original apple display (I have a Dell hd monitor)

Submitted by Zig at 01:52am on 26 Jul 2011


Shades works by changing the color profile of your monitor. The effect is only temporary (while Shades is running) but it means that calibrating your screen while Shades is running won't work correctly.

Try stopping Shades from the system prefserences, then calibrate your screen, then re-start Shades. Shades will then use your calibrated profile as its base brightness (i.e. when shades brightness is at 100% it should match your calibration).

Posted by Nick at 06:59am on 26 Jul 2011

Regarding the last update above, yes thats what I did to be able to run shades with a calibrated profile. However (and this is what this bug is all about) after I perform a user switch back and forth, shades no longer uses the calibrated profile as its base. instead uses what seems to be the system-default profile.
I tried to prevent the problem by changing the 2nd user\\\'s color profile to be the same shared calibrated profile, but that didnt help.
It appears to me that this is happening:
1) from 1st user account, switch to 2nd account
2) it appears that color profile temporarily changes to the default system profile while the switch is in progress (less that 1 sec). then then the 2nd account appears. the system then changes the color profile to my calibrated one.
NOTE that the 2nd account is not running shades.
3) as I switch back to the 1st account, again the system does 2 color profile changes. this might be somehow confusing shades? its 100% repro on my machine (lion), dont know if it happened before lion, I just noticed 2 days after I upgraded to lion.

(also please fix your MAPTCHA, it asks number questions with the numbrers written as in "four", but it does not let me answer with letters, I have to answer with "4".)

Posted by Zig at 4:53pm on 26 Jul 2011


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