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iCal events and reminders

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hello, your magical is really great. but it would be good, if it would remind you on birthdays and other events from ical. maybe even a few days before the event, so you can prepare.

thank you,

Submitted by Stephan at 7:16pm on 18 Mar 2007


ical integration would be amazing. menucalclock shows ical events, and high priority allows interaction with todos, but if magical could do both (and still be free) it would a killer app

thanks so much

Posted by Ben at 8:54pm on 23 Mar 2007

I agreed ical integration would benefit Mac users using Magical.

Posted by Kevin at 01:05am on 28 Mar 2007

This is a popular request and will be added at some point.

I'd like to try and do this without complicating the interface unnecessarily for people who don't use iCal, and don't need or want this feature.

Posted by Nick at 1:10pm on 28 Mar 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Would you please offer the following features into MagiCal:

1) Automatically show events from iCal or Entourage;
2) The ability to schedule List of Events from iCal or Entourage;
3) Automatic Update-Check of iCal or Entourage calendar for changes at an interval I determine.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Posted by Michael at 7:07pm on 28 Mar 2007

make it like ical but have a choice because i don't like iCal so it could have the choice of intergrating or not, but it needs schedules

Posted by henry at 7:46pm on 04 Apr 2007

Yes, I agree. I'm going to treat event scheduling and iCal integration as two distinct feature requests.

Posted by Nick at 07:58am on 05 Apr 2007

I would like it so I can click on a date and have it open iCal at that date but it would be good to keep it as lightweight as possible. Too much cruft from iCal making it slow would make it unusible.

Posted by Tom at 3:03pm on 05 Apr 2007

Tom, that particular feature has already been implemented and will be included in version 1.1, which will hopefully be released within a few days.

Posted by Nick at 3:06pm on 05 Apr 2007

Hi, anyway to show holidays when you hover over a date by syncing to a public ical file (or something else perhaps)? Thanks for the great application!

Posted by Robert at 01:28am on 06 Apr 2007

I'm no developer, but if you want something easy looking, then this is what I would do:

On dates with iCal events, the date is colored blue.
Clicking on any date will take you to iCal for that day so you can create an event.
When an event occurs, MagiCal flashes blue as a reminder.

It would be nice if you could set when these reminders occur.

Again, I'm not a developer, so I don't know how hard these features would be to implement.
For me, this would make MagiCal close to perfect.
Macs are all about integration, and this would help.

Posted at 7:53pm on 07 Apr 2007

Those are all good ideas, and along the lines of what I have in mind. Adding this level of integration will be a big job though - there are several other applications which do *only* this kind of thing, without all the other features of MagiCal.

These won't make it into the next release, I'm focusing on getting MagiCal's clock and calendar functionality perfect before adding notification and iCal syncing. A rough order of priority for me after that will be

1) Adding custom skin/theme support
2) Adding (non-iCal-synced) calendar events
3) Notifications and alarms linked to these events
4) iCal event syncronisation

If you feel strongly that this is the wrong order then let me know how (and why) you think I should tackle these differently.

Posted by Nick at 07:46am on 11 Apr 2007

Nick - you rock

Posted by scameron728 at 9:30pm on 23 Apr 2007

I think your priority list is a good way to go. but not sure what you mean by "adding non-ical calendar events". do you mean a way to add events but NOT use iCal? that seems redundant. And the same thing with the holidays... why not just focus on having magical synch with selected iCal calendars period.. that way, if someone wants US holidays, they install that in iCal. if someone wants German holidays, they install the German ones... and our personal calendars could be selected to show THOSE dates. It seems that doing these in different ways might be more work. am i missing something?

ps. thanks for the AMAZING little app.. i'm recommending it to everyone i know!

Posted by brian at 3:59pm on 03 May 2007

You may have a point there Brian. I guess it depends on whether it's harder to build my own events system or integrate with iCal's. Until I've had a chance to review it properly I'm not sure which will be quicker.

Posted by Nick at 10:38pm on 03 May 2007

Fortunately Apple used a standard for storing the iCal calendars... there's an article regarding using ruby/python to access them here

Its not like the person would need to actually USE iCal or have it running either. Once the calendars are setup (or installed), they can be accessed directly. One other thing going for it is that there are a LOT of public iCal format calendars that people have made available for all kinds of things; holidays, sports events, dates in history etc. i can imagine for example, installing a 'on this day in history' calendar to iCal and then having your menu calendar show the text in a tool tip when i hover over today. that would be way cool!

i forgot to mention... i LOVE the way you can drag around the elements of the menu with the command key! i've been using this for a while now and just discovered that today. awesome!

Posted by brian at 01:45am on 04 May 2007

It would be great if you could have the option of displaying a drop-down list of today's events and to-dos that are due in the next 7 days from iCal, instead of the calendar that drops down when you click on the date/time in the menu bar now. This would be a lot more useful (at least for me) as I can get a quick look at my appointments for the day, and what I have to get done with one click from the desktop, rather than having to open iCal.

Cheers, Nathan.

Posted by Nathan at 09:38am on 15 May 2007

I agree with Brian. I don't see the need to re-invent a whole new system for creating events etc. when iCal already provides that. I would be very happy if MagiCal had read-only access to the iCal calendars and events and display upcoming events somehow (below the calendar maybe). That combined with the ability to launch iCal from MagiCal which you've already implemented would give us the best of both worlds IMHO.

Posted by Yeroc at 6:15pm on 16 Aug 2007

I like MagiCal, but it would be so much more useful, if it could only display the events of each day in a tooltip, when you hover the mouse pointer over the respective day.

Posted by henning at 5:39pm on 21 Aug 2007

It would be wonderful to get my todo list onto the menubar, so it would always be in sight. It would be fine if it was read only, at least it could help get more of my things done :P

Posted by Michael at 06:38am on 03 Sep 2007

i think it would be awesome if when you hovered over a date it would show your ical events. also, if the dates on the calendar would be a different color when there are events, and leave them white if there are none. i don't mean to get greedy, but it would be cool if under the calendar it showed your tasks and todo's. either way, its an awesome program without these requests, AND FOR FREE!!!. thanks a ton.

Posted by Keith at 5:51pm on 20 Sep 2007

I like the idea of iCal integration but I would hate to see my schedule take over the little calendar box. I like this little app and think it should be kept simple. Maybe the thing it could do, and the thing I half-expected when I opened the calendar, is simply launch or go to the corresponding day of the week in iCal when you click on a day-of-the-week box in MagiCal.

Posted by Brian at 8:55pm on 04 Oct 2007


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