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Cursor color changes...

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When the active SHADES, the color of the cursor and display the same colors, and can not find the cursor.
The cursor will change colors.


Submitted at 05:35am on 24 Oct 2008


Yes this happens to me too, in certain programs only though, like in iTunes' Get Info dialog. The lower the brightness percentage is, the lighter the I-beam gets, until it's totally invisible.

Posted by Josh at 8:20pm on 19 Mar 2009

The I beam almost becomes invisible in MS WORD. Please fix it as I am going blind without SHADES

Posted by James Higgins at 09:26am on 25 Mar 2009

When dimming to around 50%, the i-beam cursor, in carbon apps only I believe, fades completely into the background color. This happens in Microsoft Word, Power Mail, BBEdit, and other text editing apps. I think the feature was supposed to make the cursor easier to find when the screen is dimmed to low brightness settings, but it has the opposite effect at certain settings. My recommendation is to keep the cursor black until the screen is dimmed to around 40%. Below that threshold the white cursor seems to be somewhat more practical.

Posted at 09:32am on 01 Aug 2011

Same here, the worst part is that is happened somewhat randomly I didn\'t change the setting then the cursor disappeared. Happened in Dreamweaver, Word, Also in Gmail when composing a message. There should be some indication of this and the change shouldn\'t be some random. Took me a day to find out that it\'s shades that\'s causing it.

Posted by Michael at 12:15pm on 21 Oct 2011


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