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Tick marks or numbering?

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.2b1


Just started using Shades so my opinion on this may change. It struck me that it might be helpful if there was a numbered setting instead of the "blind" slider -- this way if you need to reset it you know where you were or at least have a baseline.

Submitted by Doug at 7:58pm on 24 Aug 2007


I find shades quite handy when calibrating my monitor but if I move the slider it's hard to get it back to exactly the same place/level. It would be nice if the slider was incremental and one could save specific settings so you can change settings and yet go back to exactly the same place you were.
I would envision a rough scale of 0 to 100 with a readout of the precise # that would be displayed as you move the slider which you could lock in or save.

Posted by Mark at 6:54pm on 24 Apr 2007

Yes, the calibrated slider would be a great help.

Posted by Steve Johnstone at 06:15am on 30 Apr 2007

Agreed! I just posted a similar thought -- prior to seeing this.

Posted by Doug at 8:00pm on 24 Aug 2007

I've added a percentage readout option to the slider in 1.2

Posted by Nick at 1:36pm on 15 Oct 2007


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