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open iCal when selecting a date

  • Status: Partially Implemented


Open up iCal when selecting a date in magiCal, on the date selected. That would be nice.
The next step would be to show iCal events of course...
And a bubble when there are upcoming events...
Keep up the good work!

Submitted at 10:15pm on 11 May 2007


If you uncheck the legacy calendar option, the new calendar does support click-on-date to open iCal.

You may need to quit and relaunch MagiCal after disabling the legacy calendar option, as the new calendar has a tendency to randomly disappear (which is why it isn't enabled by default).

This issue will of course be addressed before the final release.

Posted by Nick at 08:37am on 12 May 2007

i like this feature already, it would be nice if i could click on the month so it shows ical in the month view instead of a specific day.

Posted by chad at 01:00am on 25 Jul 2007

what chad said - plus click on week number if active to open ical in week view.

Posted at 03:38am on 16 Aug 2007

The problem is that clicking on the month already has a function, namely bringing up the jump-to-month window. I may have to offer a preference that lets you determine what happens in this case - I'll give it some thought.

Posted by Nick at 08:04am on 16 Aug 2007

I agree with Chad, in that it would be nice to at least have the option to have iCal open that day, but in month view, not the day view.

Posted by Ken Weingold at 05:16am on 04 Sep 2007


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