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When running, profiles won't stick

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b2 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Open


When Shades is running, changing from one Display Profile to another will briefly activate the selected profile but will quickly (within 1 second) revert back to the original profile's color despite the new one being still selected in the list.

Continuing to change Display Profiles will continue to have the same brief effect and then will always revert back to the profile that was running at the time of Shades' startup.

Selecting that original profile will, of course, have no effect as that profile is always the one displayed.

This issue was not present in Shades version 1.1.5.

If you want to permanently change your monitor's Display Profile, you must quit Shades 1.2b2 then select your desired profile, then start Shades 1.2b2 up again.

Submitted by Lee at 01:57am on 31 Jan 2008


Same thing happens on the intel version. same solution too.

This really freaked me out until I figured it out.

Still this version of Shades rules. =)

Posted by Chris at 11:06am on 14 Feb 2008

I've found another--to me, more interesting--commingling of Shades and Display Profiles.
When calibrating, I've used Shades to nudge the luminosity (brightness) of the screen to hit my desired White Luminance level (version 1.2b2 is great for this thanks to the percent slider). In the old release version 1.1.5 I had to write down or memorize my Shades setting because my calibration and resulting profile depended on duplicating my luminance settings every time I logged in.

Last night I did my usual calibration but found that Shades' setting was "burned in" to the Profile. That is, after the profile is created I may turn off Shades completely and by selecting the new profile the monitor will "dim down" to the level it was at when I was running a Shades adjustment. This is very odd, yet in some ways helpful. I can bake the desired luminance setting right in to my profiles by repeating this technique.

I would not have thought this possible and I do not understand how or why this works. But to create custom profiles with specific luminance levels (sRGB at 80 cd/m2 or Adobe RGB at 160 cd/m2, for example) on an iMac or using a Cinema Display which lack controls beyond simple backlighting, this is actually a great aid.

Posted by Lee at 8:15pm on 19 Feb 2008

when shades is running it seems to forget the profile. Whatever profile i select it always goes back to the same one.

When i calibrate with coloreyes while shades is running the moitor keeps jumping between profiles. It seems that it does not stick to the selected profile

Posted by erwin van Grootel at 4:46pm on 07 Jan 2009


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