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Independent hotkeys (brighter/darker) for every screen.

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I'm able to access LCD brightness of my macbook through both coincident F1-F2 keys.
I would like to have the same functionality for my secondary screen.

Thanks. A lot.

Submitted at 12:37am on 31 Dec 2013


+1 for this feature!

That would be truly amazing, having the power & coolness of Shades with simplicity of using (mac) keyboard F1, F2 for adjusting brightness.

Please add this.. Thank you guys

Posted by daniel at 7:26pm on 05 Jan 2014

Just to clarify..

It works basically with key bindings. Problem is that normally under OSX F1-F12 are designated Hotkeys for OSX features (Mission Control, Play, Pause, ...). So we have to use Fn + F1 to make shortcut work although its entered in preference pane as: None + F1.

The list of available keys in your preference pane should have smth. like 'F1 (Hotkey)', 'F2 (Hotkey)'... which makes the additional pressing of Fn obsolete. (As we like in general Hotkey features in OSX and don't have to change behavior of them in keyboard pane)

million thanks..

Posted by daniel at 7:35pm on 05 Jan 2014

With the hotkeys, I'm able to controll only the macbook screen brightness. You can do alreaty that with F1 and F2, so it would be better that the hotkeys will controll only the external monitor brigthness

Posted by Daniele at 01:44am on 26 Aug 2014


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