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Calendar options

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Calendar Preferences and Options

a. Show Calendar - Multiple Months (allow one or many)

allow user to set how many months display when they popup the calendar

b. Show Calendar - Set Months to Show

what months? 1 month prior, current month, 1 month forward...etc.

c. Date Calculator

Allow option for user to put in a date (default to current date), but have the ability to clear the field and enter an override date and then put in a field for XX days and then either backward or forward. This is very helpful in medical settings and clinical research where some activities should be scheduled based on a "calculated" number of days.....a nice connivence factor.

Submitted by Dan Buffington at 5:58pm on 11 Apr 2010


I agree with the option to display multiple months, however, what would suffice for
almost all situations is a simple 12-month calendar. Put a "Year" button in the lower
left of the monthly calendar (like the "i" in the lower right). Click on "Year" and a
full 12 month calendar of the current year appears. Make it big! And make it so
it has next year arrow buttons. Thanks so much!

Posted by Bob at 2:22pm on 29 May 2010


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