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Put a "Check for Updates" in the MagiCal information list

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The "information list" is the drop-down menu you get when you click on the "i" in the lower right of the calendar.

There is a "Check for Updates" in the Miscellaneous preference panel, but since there are about a hundred applications on the computer, I don't remember it is there (and that I have Automatic Check turned on) in this one, so I either have to search though the preferences or use the "Online Help ..." to go to your web site to see what the latest version is.

If you want to get fancy, you could have the "Check for Updates" entry in the information list state that automatic updating checking is turned on in the Preferences, as,

Check for Updates (Automatic Check for Updates is On) ...

Submitted by David Fink at 10:48am on 09 Nov 2008


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