Shades Bug Report

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Not starting up automatically

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b2 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Not a Bug


Shades does not start up when the mac mini starts up!

... even though it is in the 'Other' section of System Preferences.

Over to you, Sir.

Kind Regards


Submitted by Frank J Pycroft at 12:12pm on 18 Dec 2007


Shades must be running when the machine is shut down if you want it to launch at startup. To lunch Shades you must press the start button in the Shades System Preferences panel. Merely having the panel installed will not cause Shades to launch at startup.

Posted by Nick at 10:23am on 29 Dec 2007

Many thanks - working fine now!

Posted by Frank J. Pycroft at 1:25pm on 29 Dec 2007

OK, I have made sure Shades is running when I restart. Unfortunately it still has to be started again after the restart.

Any way to get around this?


Posted by John at 5:47pm on 30 Dec 2007

Go to System Preferences and look in your Accounts/Login Items. Does Shades appear in the list there?

Posted by Nick at 12:29pm on 31 Dec 2007

There are two items in the startup items list: Shades (Application with shades icon) and Shades (unknown with no icon).

I am not sure whether both are needed (I know the application is in the contents folder of the Prefs Pane but the other \"unknown\" one is a mystery). At any rate, it seems that just checking the list has resulted in Shades starting up when my machine is restarted, so the problem seems to have solved itself.

Posted by John Griffin at 5:28pm on 31 Dec 2007

I am having the same problem with OS X 10.6.4. Same with 10.6.3. Autostart does not work.

Posted by Daniel at 01:07am on 01 Jul 2010

Shades has cured the flicker but I do need to start it each time I start the Computer, I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.5

Posted by Adrian at 03:29am on 31 Dec 2010

In sierra apenes the same. Does not autostart even if it was started before shutting down the computer.

Posted at 10:47am on 20 Dec 2016

Hello, in Sierra shade doesn't austral after shutdown

Posted by Pierre at 4:46pm on 03 Jan 2017

Shades works perfectly on my other Mac 10.6.8, auto start works.

New Mac touchbar Running Sierra 10.12.3 does not autostart, even when left on and set in login items.

Thanks! Love shades.

Posted by Mr BLANK at 02:36am on 20 Mar 2017

Guys, on Sierra to fix the autostart you have to:
- Go to "/library/preferencepanes/[SHADES PREF PANE]" (or ~/library if you have installed it only for the current user)
- Click "show package contents" and navigate to "Contents/Resources/" then take out the shades app to the preferencepanes folder
- Now go into the the account section of preferences, startup items and delete the old shades items then drag the new one in preferencepanes folder.
- Done! Reboot and profit!

Posted by Max at 12:55pm on 23 Apr 2017

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