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Is automatic launch no longer possible?

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When enthousiastically discussing the Shades features on a Dutch forum, there was a hilariuous misunderstanding between various users who eventually found out that they were using different versions.

I downloaded the last one, 1.2b2.
Then I found that in every session I had to activate Shades again manually. I asked how to get it started automatically.
Another member (using 1.1.5r1) answered that it could be done in the Preferences.
Comparing notes, we found that the Preference Panes were completely different.
In the later version, no automatic start seems to be possible. Why o why?

Moreover, we discovered that his version was a program (showing in the menu bar) and therefore could be placed in the list for automatic start-up, whereas the later version is just a Preference Pane, and not a startable program.

Why these changes?
And more important: how do I achieve an automatic launch of Shades?

Submitted by Paulus at 09:50am on 09 Jan 2008


Automatic launch is now automatic :-)

If Shades is running when you shut down your machine, i should start up automatically when you restart. I you stop it from the System Preferences panel, it will not launch after restart.

Try it, and let me know if it works.

Posted by Nick at 8:11pm on 09 Jan 2008

Thank you for your quick response.
In the meantime, I found out that when I drag the Shades PrefPanel Download to any other file, and then (with the right mouse click) ask to show the contents of the package, then after some more searching I hit upon the program Shades.
I thought to be smart and drag that program into the list of programs 'to be launched after login' but coming there I found out that it was already there.
I suppose that was because I had previously logged out while the Shades PrefPanel was active - as you pointed out just now.

So I'm happy, it works (one way or the other).

Posted by Paulus at 8:39pm on 09 Jan 2008

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