MagiCal Bug Report

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Clickable area with text menu

  • Type: Cosmetic
  • Version Tested: 1.1r1 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Open


There is an issue with Magical in Leopard (i don't remember having this problem on Tiger) when showing date or time as text.

I though it was related with the translucent bar and i read other forum entry saying this is a issue caused by the flash separators, but with me happens for no apparent reason. Sometimes i look at it and it's gray.

But maybe the most annoying is it's clickable area. When showed as text, the calendar doesn't appear unless i click exactly on the font. Clicking in the middle of a 0, for example, doesn't work.

This bug sometimes gives the impression that the application crashed or is taking to long to respond, but the problem appears to be the clickable area.

Submitted by Diogo Werner at 07:06am on 10 Apr 2008


Gah! Yes! This is a tremendously annoying bug... please fix! Thanks...

Posted at 7:06pm on 16 Nov 2008


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