Shades Feature Request

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Slider Fades in/Out when adjusting Brightness

  • Status: Open


It'd be nice if the Slider could be set to invisible, but appear briefly when adjusting the brightness level, and then disappear again after a few seconds. This feature would be very much in the spirit of a "Growl" message.

Thanks so much! Shades is THE reason I did not take my new Apple cinema display back for a refund. I was annoyed that the minimum brightness still hurt my eyes when working in the dark, and Shades truly saved my day by letting me use my monitor with my Macbook Pro comfortably.

I would like to make a dontation but I have boycotted Paypal. Is there any other way to make a donation?

Submitted by Rook at 06:01am on 22 Feb 2008


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