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XMenu interaction

  • Type: Cosmetic
  • Version Tested: 1.1a3 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Under Review



I use (and really like) both MagiCal and XMenu. XMenu must use a different trick for getting onto the menu bar.

Since I've started using MagiCal, XMenu ends up being displayed to the right of the Spotlight icon, which looks very odd since the rounded edge that belongs on the corner of the screen ends up to the left of the XMenu icon. The XMenu item ends up far-right with a square corner.

This doesn't really break anything -- just a cosmetic problem, but is there anything that you can do to prevent this? This problems started with the installation of MagiCal. I will also report it to the guys who make XMenu, since it's just as likely an issue with their menu item.


Submitted by Chris Saldanha at 02:33am on 22 Apr 2007


It might be an idea to try to juggle the order in which MagiCal and XMenu are loaded. If you go to System Preferences/Accounts and look at your login items, you should be able to remove the two applications and then manually re-add them in a different order. It's probably best if MagiCal is launched before XMenu I would guess.

Posted by Nick at 10:55pm on 03 May 2007


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