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EXTREMELY difficult to click on!! and some other ideas to implement

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1r1 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Open


Okay well I use the Japanese Calendar view in MagiCal (YYYYå¹´MæDæ¥)

First and Foremost, It is VERY difficult to click on MagiCal since it appears to only register a click when you actually hit a text pixel, not when you're in the ballpark (if you were to click on a blank area on the Airport Menu Item you'd still get the menu, you don't have to be DEAD-ON the image.) I'm using a 12 point font so the text is relatively small and hard to click on.

Please make the entire item's area selectable not just the text pixels.

In relation to the Japanese Calendar I have selected, Can you please make an option for turning OFF the Year view (YYYYå¹´) I know what year it is (most days :P) and would like to have some of my menu space back.

Also, there should be a separate choice for am/pm and AM/PM so that people can choose to either have it off completely or chose whatever format tickles their fancy. An additional benefit is that you're not held responsible for when one option has both am/AM and another option only has am

Perhaps there could also be an pulldown menu where people can choose the format of the day (i.e.: Mon.,MON, Monday,æ, æææ¥)

I'd like it to simply look like the following:
é 4æ25æ¥ 4:20 PM

Submitted by Reynaldo Rivera at 10:29pm on 20 Apr 2008


When I Submitted the problem, all of my Japanese Formatting seems to have gone away.... This makes it very hard to understand what I wanted...

Well, please email me if you don't immediately understand what I'm looking for.


Posted by Reynaldo Rivera at 10:34pm on 20 Apr 2008

The clicking issue is a problem with Leopard - I'm not sure what to do about it yet.

The format is a freeform field - you can type whatever you want into it, so just delete the year if you don't want that bit. You can find a complete list of format options here:

Posted by Nick at 10:38pm on 20 Apr 2008

I see this problem too, 1.1r1 (Intel), OS X 10.5.3...
But if I show the calendar icon, it's easy to click on that. However that icon works is good, better then trying to click the date/time. Can you place a graphic behind the date/time and make that the button?

BTW: THANKS! I was pretty bummed when I discovered that wclock (Wolfware) didn't work after upgrading to Leopard. Mostly, I just want to see the day, date & time, all at once w/o any hassle. MagiCal is even better. :-)

Posted by Dave N at 06:58am on 30 May 2008

I have the same difficulty...if I couldn't find a "hot" spot to click on (a spot that would never be the same), all that *might* happen would be the appearance of a small yellow strip under the place I clicked, with a text summary of the day of the week, the date, and the time.

I also discovered what Dave N already reported: "...if I show the calendar icon, it's easy to click on that."

Posted by Martin at 5:22pm on 08 Jun 2008


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