Shades Feature Request

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Similar features to Nocturne, including inverting colors

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I totally love Shades. From the various dimming and color changing apps it seems to be the best and most stable.

I would love to see more features though. If you could add some of the functionality that Nocturne 2.0 has, that would make Shades unbeatable. At the moment, I am these two software together.

I noticed that there were already others asking for the option to invert colors. This would be a great start. I know it can be done from the system preferences, but having a complete control in one panel makes so much more sense.

Here is a list of optional features from Nocturne that I would love to see added to Shades. In order of importance:

1. Invert screen
2. Disable shadows
3. Monochrome (discards saturation)
4. Hide desktop image(s)
5. Invert menubar


Submitted at 12:38am on 24 Nov 2015


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