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Auto-start not working

  • Type: Other
  • Version Tested: 1.2b3 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Status: Not a Bug


I'm having an issue where Shades automatically starts when I turn on my computer. I have been using the program at night, then turning it off via system preferences before turning off the computer. It definitely shuts down before I turn off the computer, and it is not set to start under my "login items". But every time I turn the computer on, it runs again. Not a major thing to switch it off every time, but it is inconvenient.

Thanks for the awesome program though, and for reading this. I looked into everything so I don't believe I'm missing an option or setting somewhere, but it is a possibility.

Submitted at 02:05am on 11 Mar 2010


No, you're not missing anything. Shades adds itself to the startup items when it's opened and removes itself when it's closed so that it will continue to run after a reboot unless you explicitly stop it.

I think that's the behaviour most people want, but I can see that an option to always launch or never launch at reboot could be useful.

Posted by Nick at 09:01am on 11 Mar 2010

"and removes itself when it's closed"

Except sometimes it doesn't... I've explicitly stopped Shades twice and logged off & on now, and both times Shades started back up. The third time I did this (just to test my sanity), it stayed down. The only thing I did differently was actually check my login items to ensure it wasn't listed.

Posted by Tim at 1:09pm on 16 Mar 2010

It would be nice if shades would turn itself of each time i launched photoshop (or any other user defined program where color management is of the essence)

Posted by Anand at 11:10am on 27 Mar 2010

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