MagiCal Feature Request

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Hot Key & iCal integration

  • Status: Open


I think it would be very cool to have the calendar drop down from the menu via hot-key access. Maybe have some iCal integration as well; like a list of upcoming events/to do's below the calendar. Maybe double click the date to open iCal.

Submitted by Adam at 10:49pm on 11 Aug 2008


Maybe the integration could be simple, in the beginning.
If you click on a particular day on the calendar, it opens iCal at that particular day.

Posted by effemmeffe at 3:39pm on 22 Oct 2008

Unless it's already a feature, it that case it doesn't work for me...

Posted by effemmeffe at 3:41pm on 22 Oct 2008

One thing that would be great would be some kind of pop-up input menu similar to FlexCal, where you can enter a new iCal event simply by clicking on a date in MagiCal.

Posted by Greg at 01:37am on 18 Mar 2009


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