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Brightness on an iMac

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On its laptops Apple lets us dim the internal display all the way down so that the backlight is turned off when at the lowest brightness level. However this is not possible on desktop computers like iMac. The backlighting is at its lowest at the lowest point of the scale but never reaches the state "off".

Can you implement such a feature in your product?

Submitted at 11:40am on 24 Mar 2007


Hmm... Shades doesn't currently affect the backlight at all, it merely obscures the display. I'll look into this, but I can't promise anything.

Posted by Nick at 3:02pm on 24 Mar 2007

So how do you affect brightness, if not by changing the intesity of the backlight?

Posted at 4:39pm on 24 Mar 2007

Shades draws a translucent black rectangle over the entire display, and varies the opacity to achieve different brightness settings.

It doesn't save power, but it has the effect of reducing brightness, and helps avoid pixel burn on CRTs.

Posted by Nick at 07:57am on 26 Mar 2007

It would be nice to have an individual "overlay" to compensate illuminating errors. For example, my Imac 24 ist darker on the right side than on the left. An individual overlay which is darker on the left side would compensate this...


Posted by Marco at 7:43pm on 03 Apr 2007

I thinks it's a VERY useful addition to the color calibration of the screen. Calibration loses much of its value when the screen back lighting is not uniform

Posted at 7:31pm on 05 Sep 2007

I'd really appreciate this option: 0% brightness turns the backlight off! Since I use my iMac for watching movies on my TV set, it would be great to turn off the iMac's internal screen.

BTW: the dual display option works like a charm, but only when not in mirroring mode. In mirroring mode one can only set the external display's settings.

Great tool, thanks a lot!

Posted by laurens meurs at 03:39am on 25 Nov 2007

I would really like this feature. When I go to sleep, I see light coming from the screen, which is annoying :)

Posted by Robin Zwama at 12:03am on 26 Nov 2007

after searching the web for hours I´m sure, there is no way to turn the internal display completely off, and there are many users who need this feature for their home cinema. If you could handle to add this feature lots of respect from t he whole imac - home theater community would be yours, and probably some tips for your work, too. Thanks for your nice program so long,

Posted by Florian Schumacher at 01:52am on 03 Jan 2010

there is an pmset command which turns the monitor completely off. but its not very handy handy to turn it on again via console ...

so, there's definitly a way to do it ...

Posted at 8:50pm on 04 Jan 2010

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