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Display more than one Calendar: two or three months as option

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it would be very nice to configure MagiCal in the way to add more calendars to the display.
* past, present and next month
* present and next two months
* present quarter
* present and next quarter (well, thats 6 months)
* etc...

the present month should be highlighted in some way, but this is not a must since the present day is highlighted.

This would be REALLY great! I often have to click through the months, and often loose my orientation.
It would be simpler and one would have a broader overview if magical could display more month calendars on the screen by clicking on it :-)


Submitted by sammy at 2:21pm on 03 Apr 2007


You could do this now by just dragging off six calendars onto the desktop and setting their dates manually. Then you could use expose to reveal them whenever you wanted.

I'll see what I can do about adding this kind of functionality to the drop down calendar. The main problem is that it creates a lot of different possible combinations to switch between, and the controls for maintaining all those options are going to bloat the calendar preferences a bit.

Posted by Nick at 2:31pm on 03 Apr 2007

Concerning the drop down calendar I'd like to support Sammys request and make a proposal to keep the controls for this feature simple. Just let the users enter two numbers. The first one would determine the number of consecutive months that are displayed (range 1 to 4 or even 1 to 6 for Sammy, default to '1'), the second number would determine the position of the current month in the selected range.

This feature would be worth a donation of 10 Euros to you. Isn't that motivating enough?
Keep up your great work!

Posted by Juergen Woida at 1:49pm on 28 Apr 2007

Dear team,

I'm a new user in Mac world. I'm running now both XP and Mac.
Regarding calendar, my reference in XP world is Rainlendar.
Very very useful tool as professional.

Beside the fact that rainlendar, can be skinned.
There is a very useful feature.
As professional I need to look always at the past month and next month.

Rainlendar, has an interesting feature, which is to open X months at the same time, with Y month before the current month.
If we are July, I can open automatically (pref setting) June, July, and August.

I noticed that magical can drop multi calendar on the desk, which is already something.
But each time I reboot my mac, I need to do the operation of drag and drop the calendar on the desktop again.

Could you include in the pref setting the possibility to open multi calendar.

Thanks for the current version.


PS: Sorry for my english, I'm French

Posted by NewMacUser at 12:05pm on 15 Jul 2007

I think the simplest thing I can do in the short term is ensure that MagiCal saves the positions of all calendar windows when quit.

Posted by Nick at 07:45am on 01 Aug 2007


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