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Subscriber as an archiving tool...?

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I just purchased Subscriber, and while exploring its capabilities, I came across a scenario that it doesn't support (to my knowledge):

I'd like Subscriber to be able to launch a script, and pass the updated site as it's arguements. So, for example, I could have a script setup to pull down and archive a copy of whatever web page that is at the url it's given. Then when Subscriber sees an update, it'd run the script, sending down the sites Url, and then the script would archive this newly updated page, appending the date/time info into the meta data (or the filename... whatever). It would also be nice to be able to glean some server stats about the updated page, and pass these along to the script as needed. Things like the last updated date, as reported by the server.

Finally, it'd also be great if Subscriber could pass items which were found via its regex parse to scripts in addition to the server/page info. So for instance, using the previous example, if the editors name were in the source code as meta data, I could parse this out with Subscriber, and send it to the script, so in addition to the last updated time, the archiving script would also know who last updated the page on that date and time.

I don't know if this is beyond the scope of what you're intending for Subscriber or not, but it would open a whole world of possibilities for Subscriber, in addition to allowing users to code up all kinds of addons.

Anyhow, I just wanted to pass along the suggestions to you - If you can implement any of these, that'd be great, and if not, Subscriber's still a nice piece of software!

Submitted by Tony at 05:15am on 01 Aug 2005


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