Shades Bug Report

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second monitor too dark after waking from sleep

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b3 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Status: Open


New MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. I have an external monitor connected. When I close the laptop and then open it to wake from sleep my external monitor is far, far too dark. Putting the slider to 100% for the external monitor still doesn't recover all the brightness. Stopping and restarting Shades "recalibrates" the external monitor's brightness.

Fix: Putting my MBP to sleep shouldn't affect the brightness of my external monitor when I wake it up.

Submitted at 7:42pm on 07 Jan 2010


I am having the exact same problem. I'm sure others are having the same problem but not reporting it. Or maybe they don't you an external monitor.. Can this be updated? Thanks..

Posted by A Singh at 11:51am on 29 Nov 2010

Easy fix, you lazy arse-holes. just take the DVI out whenever putting your macbook to sleep!

Posted by Kamaldip Marwaha at 11:58am on 29 Nov 2010

This guys dumb man, whose got the time to take the DVI out each time. The software should be efficient for it to detect when the macbook is going to sleep.

Posted by A Singh at 12:00pm on 29 Nov 2010

Well.. sucks to be you then, doesn't it!

Posted by Kamaldip Marwaha at 12:01pm on 29 Nov 2010

Have fun with ur dark display

Posted by Kamaldip Marwaha at 12:01pm on 29 Nov 2010

Shut the f*ck up

Posted by A Singh at 12:52pm on 29 Nov 2010

I have the same problem with my external monitor, after my MBP has been at sleep.

Posted at 05:04am on 05 May 2011

I have the same problem, only stopping/restarting shades fixes it

Posted at 6:24pm on 18 Aug 2011


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