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Hot Keys Brighter/Darker should be finer-grain +on a per-monitor basis

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Right now on a macbook pro, the Hot Keys Brighter/Darker do affect both internal and external monitor, which is nice, ...sometimes.

The internal macbook pro screen is ok (no real need for shades), but the external one is way to bright, so shades needed there.

Can't use the hot keys Brighter/Darker because of that.

Alternatively, it would be fine too to be able to have a new setting enable/disable shades on a per-monitor basis ;)

Also the increment for Hot Keys Brighter/Darker for each button press is unusually high, a less big increment/decrement step per key press would be nice.

Otherwise than that (and the two small bugs reported separately), the 1.2 b1 version is absolutely great - an eye-life saver ! I just donated a 2-digits amount for single laptop usage, and other users should really do same, it makes a difference to a developer !)

Submitted by Beat at 09:37am on 30 Nov 2007


Second the request for the shortcut keys (alt -/+ on mine) to be allowed to influence just one monitor. The overlay shades uses changes the color quality slightly, whereas the builtin book monitor\'s dimmer keeps true colors. Furthermore, I like the built-in monitor to do its default ambient-light based dimming without getting too dark when shades is running.

I\'m going to be chipping in some money for this program soon -- it makes a world of difference to have it running - good job!!!

Posted by Soumya Ray at 02:28am on 07 Mar 2008


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