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A few ideas

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1.- There should be an option that make "Slider Control" "fade in" and "fade out" when adjusting the levels from shortcuts.

2.- I think it should be better if it was released as an app and not as a system preference.

3.- Make posible to use the "scroll button" of the mouse to adjust the levels.

4.- For some reason it do not work when Im playing video games.

5.- A theme/skin that looks precisely like the original mac os brightness adjust.

- David

System: OSX 10.5.5

Submitted by David at 7:36pm on 07 Apr 2009


oh no! i love that its a system preference. it's nice that it just sits in the background and that i don't have to worry about it when i'm using my programs. it's just sitting there and doing its thing beautifully.

Posted at 2:55pm on 20 May 2009

Yeah, indeed, the idea to keep it as System Preference is good, sorry for make it a suggestion at my first comment.

I just have some problems to uninstall it, but after using it for some time I found that its a cool idea to keep it in the background.

Posted by David Escalante at 08:52am on 02 Jul 2009


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