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Use normal brightness keys for Shades

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Is it possible to use the normal brightness keys for Shades?
Would be perfect!

Submitted at 4:37pm on 10 Dec 2009


I don't think it's possible because i don't think you can remap the brightness keys. For instance, if I have the hotkeys for shades set to use the command or option key, when i go to change the brightness it usually does a command in the program im on because it has a higher priority than Shades. Still, I agree, it would be perfect if i could use the brightness keys for Shades.

Posted at 04:01am on 23 Feb 2010

I suspect the individual above is correct (in that you wouldn\\\'t be able to remap the brightness keys). The brightness keys function identically whether running in OS X or in Bootcamp!

Posted at 7:23pm on 14 Apr 2010

You can go into System Preferences, Keyboard pane, and check the box that says "Use function keys.." or "Use al F1, F2 etc. keys...". This will turn those keys into F-keys. Then you can map F1 and F2 to shades.

You can then remap the others or just use the fn key to access them.

Posted by Ball at 7:04pm on 29 Jun 2010

Better yet, use this:

Posted by Ball at 7:08pm on 29 Jun 2010


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