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Autoshade external monitor based on main screen brightness

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Most Macs can auto adjust brightness of main screen according to light conditions in the room. I don't know is it separate sensor or just camera above the display.

It would be nice to adjust brightness of external monitor based on light sensor value in laptop. I mean if main screen(laptop or iMac display) brightness decrease for some reason the external monitor brightness also goes down and so on.

It would be cool if we can configure adjustment curve that define proportion of shade of external monitor and brightness of laptop display.

It would be even cooler if we can configure adjustment curve for each of RGB colors, so we can have vivid color on external monitor in bright conditions and a bit soft(yellow) in dark room.


Submitted by Vladimir at 8:38pm on 01 Mar 2017


you can get system brightness info from this repo:

then cast the system brightness to the external monitors.

hope this helps

Posted by Lei Zhang at 5:56pm on 06 Aug 2017


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