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Make calendar and/or clock display persist after clicking away

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.0


I just dowlonaded MagiCal, and thank you for a nice program. One feature that occurred almost immediately as desirable is the option to make either the calendar or clock display, or both, persist on the screen after one clicks away from them.

At present they disappear.

This suggestion implies adding the ability to resize the clock up to the size of the current calendar display.

Many thanks for considering this idea.


P.S. I'm running OS 10.3.9 on a PowerPC Mac.

Submitted by Ken at 02:56am on 13 Jul 2007


Hi Ken,

You can "tear off" the calendar by dragging it to somewhere on the screen. It will then remain there until closed.

Posted by Nick at 12:38am on 16 Sep 2007

While the tear-off feature may be useful in some cases, I think it's best to add an option for the calendar to stay open below the menubar, on top of any application windows. I may be wanting to refer to a calendar while interacting with firefox, or whatever, taking up the whole screen. The torn off calendar becomes a window that gets lost behind other windows...

Hoping for the addition of this option.


Posted at 9:08pm on 30 Oct 2007


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